Car Restoration & Rust Protection with Premium Products



At Jenkins Detailing, we specialize in car restoration and rust protection using the finest products available, including Lanoguard, Hammerite, and Bilt Hamber. We ensure your vehicle receives the best care with our extensive range of services and products on the shelf.

Our Services Include:

1. Underside Total Surface Body Protection

  • Deep Clean & Preparation: We begin with a jet wash and chemical degreasing of the entire chassis using a pressure washer lance. Metal components with pitting or light surface corrosion are wire brushed.
  • Optional Add-ons: For a more thorough clean, we can remove under tray covers, arch liners, and the spare wheel at an additional cost.
  • Drying Process: The chassis is fully dried with an air compressor to remove moisture from crevices and left to dry for at least 12 hours.
  • Anti-Corrosion Coating: Once dry, an anti-corrosion coating is applied and left to dry for another 12 hours. This comprehensive package costs £200 for small to medium cars and £250 for medium to large vehicles, with potential additional charges for extensive work. This package includes a 4-year guarantee if maintained through our maintenance program, with a 12-month inspection required.

2. Rust Killer Barrier System

  • Hydrate 80: For severely rusted areas, we offer the Hydrate 80 rust killer barrier system, which converts rust and prevents further corrosion. This is an additional £40 per 500ml and is typically used on exposed and unprotected metals before applying the anti-corrosion coating.

3. Dynax UB Protection

  • Cost-Effective Protection: We offer Dynax UB at £20 for a 750ml aerosol, with approximately 5 cans needed for a full underside treatment.

4. Underside Exposed Body Protection

  • Targeted Protection: Designed for areas exposed during an MOT test, this service includes a deep clean jet wash, chemical degreasing, and wire brushing. The chassis is dried with an air compressor and left overnight before applying a durable wax oil coating. This service costs £140 for small to medium cars and £200 for medium to large vehicles, with a 6-month guarantee.

Maintenance Program:

  • Annual Maintenance: To ensure longevity, we recommend an annual light cold pressure wash to remove dirt buildup, avoiding chemicals that could strip the grease coating. We also provide inspection and reapplication services as needed to maintain the protective coating.

Dedicated Outdoor Lift:

  • Efficient Service: We have a dedicated outdoor 4000kg lift for steam cleaning and applying protective products, ensuring thorough and efficient service.

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